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Anyone is welcome to download anything found on this wikispace and make changes to the lessons/activities as needed!- I've tried to credit anything that I've found elsewhere but please let me know if something belongs to you and I've missed it!

There are lots of activities in the Algebra and 7th/8th grade sections- currently working on transferring things over to Common Core

Algebra One Lessons
Merit 8 and Honors 7 Lessons (Pre-Algebra Topics)
Merit 7 and Honors 6 Lessons (General 7th Math Topics)

Common Core Grade 8
Common Core Grade 7

Standards for Mathematical Practice

WCYDWT- ("What Could You Do With This?") trying to start a bank of motivating pictures and videos for problem solving- Will also try and post in topic where appropriate.

Cooperative Learning Presentation
Beginning of School Resources
Wikispaces Information

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